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The Art of Healing and The Role Art Plays in Your Life

Being an art studio that focuses on helping people heal from trauma, our number one question we get is how art heals. The role art plays in the healing process can differ between people as well as the types of art they use.
The best art form for one’s healing will depend on the person who has experienced trauma. Some of the healing art forms are dancing, Music, gardening, crafting, journaling, pottery, painting, drawing, and so many more. Create Healing Art Studio focuses on many of these that fall in the category of fine arts (painting, journaling, drawing, crafting, etc.).
The number one answer to how Art helps people heal is that it builds healthy coping skills. This provides an outlet for people who without it might express themselves using negative behaviors, such as drug use or acting out. Art creates and safe and beneficial way for one to communicate their emotions. While we cannot expect a child to draw a picture of what they experienced and then feel immediately better, we can see in their artwork based on their colors or shapes used that they are expressing potentially negative feelings. Though this is not an instant solution to trauma, and onlookers may not be seeing the building effects of the art; it is still happening, and the artist is feeling this benefit. Just like with many different types of therapy and counseling, art takes time to make a notable change.

The healing powers of art are being noted more and more through the world of psychology. Psychology Today mentions 5 ways that art can heal. The following ways mentioned are:
Art Lowers Anxiety
Art Generates New Solutions
Art (Both Making It and Looking at It) Can Have a Role in Therapy
Art Helps Us Deal with Difficult Realities
Art Builds Safe, Meditative, Imaginative Spaces
To read more about Psychology Today’s finding on Art Healing please click HERE.

After experiencing a significant trauma is not the only time one may benefit from art. Using art regularly prepares us and enables us to cope when traumatic events do occur, and can help one to have lower stress and anxiety in their everyday life.

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